Also known as a vagina, pussy, snatch, or twat.
The Acronym stands for a girl that Cant Understand Normal Thinking
Guy: Bitch stop callin me?
Cunt: whyy!?! i dont understand!?! tell meee why!?!
Guy: Goddammit bitch why Cant you Understand Normal Thinking ... oh thats right cause your a CUNT!
by spadez October 07, 2005
1.a dirty word for a female's vagina.

2.also used at an insult
a. "Holy hell woman do you ever wash that cunt of your?"

b. "Bloody hell you fucking, cunt"
by erica March 23, 2005
1. "She said her son thought Patricia was a cunt"

2. "Patricia's cunt is malodorous"
by ttocs March 22, 2005
A derrogatory term that offends the majority of the population. It's unacceptable to use this word unless you are playing Call of Duty: Black Ops online multiplayer and get shot when you clearly pumped half a clip into your killer.
Ah you cunt! I shot you five times in the head and you still didn't go down!
by corny16 July 23, 2011
C U Next Time

(see you next time)
Person 1: I have to go, so CUNT!
Person 2: What?!
Person 1: C U Next Time!
Person 2: ???
Person 1: It's funnier written down...
by Abyssion98 January 17, 2011
only dumbass chicks, who are probably in their 40s think this is a bad word. it means all-knowing in latin root.(this word is also probably only offensive in the United States.)
oh my god. what a little cunt nugget.
by t-crizzle March 13, 2010
A word that means to rule all in bitchiness. The ultimate burn for a girl you don't like.
I hate that cunt!
by TLCXX February 09, 2010
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