someone with nasty sexual thoughts. a slut who bangs anything with a dick. also someone who backstabs females but is all pretty to their faces.
that poet amanda norris writes about nasty hoes. does that make her a cunt?
by butter_rocks March 03, 2010
Internet slang for "See You Next Time"

C(see) U(you) N(next) T(time)

Ofcourse this is just summin' to lol @ =D
I just noticed. I said cunt. for c u next time. Lol!
Cunt dude.

Eh, dude, cunt!

Im leaving. Cunt!

Okay, bye bye, cunt!
by Rob Quist (blackhawkrobbo) July 10, 2008
1. derogatory term for a woman, one of the most offensive things to call both men and women
2. slang for vagina
3. underground british punk band (the cunts)
she was being a total cunt today.

yeah, i hit that cunt.

have you heard the new cunts album?
by Lauren Juneman February 01, 2008
Suburban Australian slang for a crooked person, normally directed at men, jovially used as a term of semi-admiration, both commenting in high regard on their slyness and skeptically about their laziness. A synonym for cheeky bastard.
That repair man was a bloody cunt.
by Darren_Stool October 13, 2007
Mistakenly applied to female genitalia.
A vagina is the thing you fuck. A cunt is the thing that surrounds it and makes a lot of noise.
She's got a hot tight vagina, but she's a cold loose cunt.
by Prick Derringer September 03, 2007
In Ireland Cunt is more a derogitory term for men.
Technicaly its a nastier way of callin them a pussy.
But it has lost it meaning completely and term cunt is now aimed at all general fucking bolloxes!
That cunt just hit on my bird.
by Irishrogue May 24, 2007
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