A woman who's headband is wider than her toes.
Look at that headband!!!!,

"She must be a cunt"
by leeblake May 05, 2009
luis uvina
that stupid luis(cunt)
by ghsdfvyuasdfjryiojkuiojilsdvhu March 04, 2009
Hether Pacewicz
"Hether is such a cunt."

"Why do you always use people for rides? Quit bein a Hether."
by Cwomp August 31, 2008

see Hillary Clinton

undoubtedly the ugliest individual to ever grace this earth
she will force every woman to have an abortion because she hates life
Clinton is socialist cunt that will even deteriorate the U.S.A. even more.
by nigglette_hater March 24, 2008
(1)External female genetalia.
(2)A bitch that never gets shit right.
1: "I said...look here bitch...I'm lookin' for some PUSSY, some CUNT, and some BUTTHOLE..."
2: "That cunt at the cafeteria forgot my spoon."
"There is no doubt my girlfriend's PMS'ing. She's being a complete CUNT."
by assload January 19, 2008
the worst thing to call a woman

an acronym for

"your a cunt"
then she leaves you
by logear January 01, 2008
the acrynom...C U Next Tuesday
shes a C U Next Tuesday (cunt!)
by tyronebiggums June 15, 2007

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