the acronym for Can't Understand Normal Thinking, used as a derogatory term for a women who have little common sense or a loose grasp on reality.
Why did that CUNT donate money to PETA?
by gadwall August 03, 2011

- noun

1.The dirtiest word in the English language, often causing extreme discomfort when used in a flippant or superfluous manner

2. Of or pertaining to UC, Berkeley or feminism

3. Best friends!!!!
What a dumb cunt!

That cunt went and stole all of our funions!!
by timmay77 November 08, 2010
Anyone who would turn the volume down when the music of a legendary artist is playing, and then turn the volume up when aural dogshit begins to play.
What? He turned DOWN Mick Jones, and then turned UP Jean Michel Jarre? What a cunt!
That dumb bitch Cant-Understand-Normal-Thinking, she is a CUNT.
by MrHunterman12 May 26, 2008
CUNT. Cant Understand Normal Thinking.
Used to describe one who is irrational, illogical, or argumenative in trivial matters. Someone who is unwilling to listen to reason. Someone who can be presented with factual information, and ignore the information, continuing to press their point.
Boy: "Mom I left because I didn't feel safe. Jim pushed me and I thought I was going to get beat up."
Mom: "Well I didn't want you to leave. You should have stayed with me. The bible says to honor thy father and thy mother."
Boy: "Well the bible also says that when Jesus was persecuted, he fled."
Mom: "Well that doesn't matter. You should have listened to me"
Boy: *Walks away* "My mom is such a cunt"
by BlackSunRising September 16, 2007
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