1. a very offensive word means vaggy, pussy, female's sex organ, etc.

2. an abbreviation of C u Near there
1. wowwwwwww her cunt hole so wet, depnlar likewise whore's cunt

2. ohhh yeahhhh ooohhh yesssss..ss spread your sperm on there babe. CuNt!!!!
by madame CuNt February 20, 2007
it's that small area of a woman's body that has been hit with a axe! or also known as the fanny! cunt it's internationally known out the land as a number of things. a womans fanny. the odd guy when u can't remember his name. or the wanker who cuts u up in the road.
man 1: did u see the game last night?

man 2: yeah what was that cunts name who missed that free kick?

man1: ~~~ yeah thats him what a cunt
by lenster 9161 June 16, 2009
When someone has a lack of vocabulary and thinks its hard to use foul language!
Linzi: "Cal you specky cunt"

This is followed Linzi getting a smacked bum off Netty!
by Questy111 January 09, 2009
LINDA EVANS is a fucking cunt. she needs to die. fuck her..fucking cunt.
by meganpwnsu October 23, 2008
(CUNT) C U Next Tuesday/Thursday! (CUNT)
by real bossfinn August 30, 2008
c u next tuesday...
what're all the people talking about cunt being a pussy? definitely an acronym bro
by ah ah ice ice August 30, 2008
This term is also an acronymn which by definition is the proclomation used to describe women as this body part because at this point the woman is only good for having sex because she is dumb. Can't Understand Normal Thinking
what a dumb C.U.N.T.!!!
by HRM SMK April 01, 2008

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