A vagina that is slowly flapping in the wind as a female runs.
Her Cunt Went To Alaska.
by TimFuck April 29, 2010
The outer parts of the female genitallia, what else could it be?
A circumcised cunt.
by PatrioticCocksOfFury May 12, 2009
1) a term used to alternately name the labia manora and majora of the female anatomy

2) someone of female gender that is undesirable and/or regarded as unlikeable
"That woman was so rude to me. She is a cunt."
by mbp555 March 11, 2008
A girl who is a huge bitch.
Megan is a big cunt face.
by Reepa February 25, 2008
cunt is a vagina where pubs are grown!
The tastyest thing know to man!
can get very slippery when wet!
Place where penises are inplanted!
can be pleasured by a cock or man/ladies fingers!
and a mans playground!!!!!!!
tuna wanna be when dirty!!
your cunt is so tasty!!..
wait why are you looking up cunts
on urban dictionary
are you that fucking lonely have you ever heard
of PORN you perv!!
by Samantha bitches ahhhh :DDDDD February 05, 2008
Any human female who C-an't U-nderstand N-ormal T-hinking! My two very young daughters are exempt!
More mom's should always keep in mind, that it is their duty to raise their daughters not to grow up to be like them....A CUNT!
by Ray Momoinski October 19, 2006
Can't Understand Normal Thinking.
Yo Freddy, wouldn't you park your car in my sister's ass?

Yeah... But she's a CUNT though; she Can't Understand Normal Thinking.
by eapert McDangles July 02, 2006

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