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caring understanding nurturing and tender
my wife when around me on a daily basis.

"honey....you Cunt"
by Mr.Jaded March 06, 2007
1. A very demeaning word used to define a woman's genetalia.
2. Used as an insult when somone is being a really big asshole/dick/bitch. etcetc.
1. I wanna like that cunt
2. You stupid fucking cunt you did not call me a slut!
by johns810 March 04, 2007
cant understand normal thinking
your a cunt GET IT c.u.n.t
by mike gallo August 15, 2006
A very common name is Russia.
Cunt is a good guy.
Look how big Cunt has gotten.
by Sulivan February 17, 2006
The word cunt may also be known as the word Miriam or Miwi. It is a very bad insuilt to women.
God, that girl is a fucken cunt.
by Steven Schmidt May 15, 2005
An insult, usually at a woman, who will screw anyone except you.
Man she is such a cunt.
by Pseudogahdam January 10, 2011
A word used between male bro's in New Zealand. Usually a friendly term, but can be often used in a derogatory sense before a fight, after a fight, or just saying it if you wish to look hard. The australians have also adopted the word 'cunt' but cannot use it to the full effect as they are dickheads. Only New Zealanders can say 'cunt', as many other countries find it deeply offensive because they are also, dickheads (even if they did say 'cunt' they would sound like dickheads)
The most common word in the NZ Dicktionary
NZ bro1: Broo... I fucked your mum last night haha
NZ bro2: Fuck you CUNT!! haha

NZ bro1: Aey, fuck you cunt il knock you out
NZ bro2: Fuck up cunt il stab you

Aussie gay1: Hey cunt, keen for a hack?
kangaroo: Yeah cunt hardout...
by NZ Samoan May 31, 2010