In Ireland Cunt is more a derogitory term for men.
Technicaly its a nastier way of callin them a pussy.
But it has lost it meaning completely and term cunt is now aimed at all general fucking bolloxes!
That cunt just hit on my bird.
by Irishrogue May 24, 2007
this is a very rude word, possibly the rudest swear word. it means vagina. cunt.
ooh.. stick your cock up there.
yes dear. il stick it up ur cunt.
by LouiseM93 February 04, 2007
Can't Understand New Technology
Sarah :- Hey Andy, you can't understand new technology
Andy :- Yeah, I'm one of those.
Steve :- You certainly got that right buddy!
by swineyvee October 08, 2006
When using the word Bitch will not do or underrated. Or a cowardly person whos acts are totally without any honour. Also a hardcore term for the female genitaillia,like talking dirty on the phone,sex,or in a porno.
My ex-friend is a total Cunt for sleeping with my husband.,what a Cunt Dan is for dodging out on work today,Dan knows we have a big shipment in.,mmmmm. . .my hot,wet,dripping Cunt is wating for your mouth.
by Angel Faced Killer May 13, 2006
Also known as a vagina, pussy, snatch, or twat.
The Acronym stands for a girl that Cant Understand Normal Thinking
Guy: Bitch stop callin me?
Cunt: whyy!?! i dont understand!?! tell meee why!?!
Guy: Goddammit bitch why Cant you Understand Normal Thinking ... oh thats right cause your a CUNT!
by spadez October 07, 2005
1.a dirty word for a female's vagina.

2.also used at an insult
a. "Holy hell woman do you ever wash that cunt of your?"

b. "Bloody hell you fucking, cunt"
by erica March 23, 2005
1. "She said her son thought Patricia was a cunt"

2. "Patricia's cunt is malodorous"
by ttocs March 22, 2005

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