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An old, dirty, cob-web infested vagina.
Jackie is such a cunt.
by BitchWhoreSlutBag July 29, 2009
a bitch that just won't quit with the shit
revaRIOT is such a fucking cunt, who starts shit with someone they don't know?
by ZombiDeVine July 14, 2009
A cunt is a beat up STICKY vagina. Could also be a term use to be offensive towards a girl
you're a fucking cunt
why don't you go get some cunt cleaner, your shit is sticky.
by therightterm February 28, 2009
A vulgar word used to describe a female.
Wow, she said that to him? She's such a cunt!

Do you know Noelle McHugh? Yeah, I heard that she's a real cunt.
by Anonandonandonandon August 04, 2010
a person (usually but not necessarily a woman) who is thoroughly disliked
He thought his music teacher was a cunt
by hateer888 November 24, 2009
everything around the vagina.
Man, my computer teacher is a cunt!
by Rorey March 03, 2009
A completely worthless individual.

Also see 'douchebag.'
"Don't be a cunt."

"Fucking douchebag is being a cunt."

Paris Hilton.
by Murph Sexy February 22, 2009