If it is "the most offensive word in the English language," then it is the perfect word to describe your piece of shit ex-girlfriend who wronged you in every way possible.
"Damn, that girl's a straight up cunt."
by byehaterrrr July 01, 2009
Bono, a sanctimonious total fucking cunt. Without doubt the biggest cunt on the planet. Absofuckinglutely no question about it.
-You going to see U2?
-Don't be a cunt, that Bono is the cuntest of cunts going
by charliegoodboy September 07, 2010
A word used to define anyone who makes up a meaning for a word just to appear in the Urban Dictionary. More often than not this person has stolen the meaning from another perfectly acceptable term. Sometimes this may be a meaning that only the person supplying the word has ever heard.
Person A: I just added an entirely fictitious new word to Urban Dictionary!!
Person B: You are a Cunt.

Me: oh shit, I am now a hypocritical cunt.
by Virdell July 15, 2008
a word you tell your former bosses wife when you get fired
"i know you're not firing me because you actually want too, you're firing me because of you're cunt wife!"
by macman565 March 06, 2010
Can't Understand Normal Thinking!
A slam on the "unusual" thinking habits of the fairer sex, CUNT....
by D0c February 21, 2006
Someone, usually a chick, that is being a uber bitch that cant be described by any word lesser than that.
Dude she sold my car, what a fucking CUNT
by super honkie July 14, 2008
a cunt is an over-fucked pussy. it is the worst insult in the english language. it means you're crusty.
she's a fucking cunt, she slept with all 7 of them.
by kiki64 July 12, 2010
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