Cash Up No Tick (tick=credit) or cunt for short.
Cunt,slang term used by ilegal pharmaceutical sales men, to advise unwanted customers bad luck.
by cardrona71 January 16, 2010
1. in the u.s.a., best word in the english language! the only one that has shock value for anybody but old ladies and born-again christians. avoided even by eminem.

2. charming insult in other english-speaking countries, esp. UK, Ireland, Australia. normally directed at men. see twat.
you fucking cunt!

i fuggot my grandma's birfday... oi feel loik a roight cunt.
by i'm ju5t 5aying... December 11, 2005
Ann Coulter, also known as the far right-wing bitch who has no rational thought and disgraces even the far right
Cunt is a disgusting word that I reserve only for referring to Ann Coulter.
by bstrdchld July 30, 2006
Can't Understand Normal Thinking. See cunt.
You know why we call them cunts, it stands for "Can't Understand Normal Thinking"!
by Eric April 11, 2005
Offensive term for the female genitalia. Also used to describe a bitch-like woman.
She advised me to keep my fingers away from her god-damn cunt.
by GuidoPosse69 March 03, 2005
A girl who uses men for things, not limited to but including, sex, money, drugs, fame.
A girl who becomes pregnant by multiple men to get money from them for 18 years of the kids life.
Girl: Christina P of Binghamton is pregnant by her 3rd man.
Guy: She is such a cunt. Doesn't she know about birth control?
by Jerkmeoff2times February 19, 2009
A conniving underhand needless twat.
Person 1 - That conniving underhand needless twat is a right cunt.
Person 2 - And he also smells of piss.
by Gould September 29, 2006
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