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Word can be used to describe a tough broad or a hardass. Not neccessarily a derogatory phrase.
She's a real cunt, I mean yeah she's a tough broad, she's ballsy, yeah she's a cunt.
by Christopher Marsh November 04, 2007
Can't Understand Normal Thinking.
"How many times must I tell you - NEVER mix my white clothes with colored clothes! Now all my boxers, Tshirts, and socks, are what? PINK! What the hell is wrong with you?! You just Can't Understand Normal Thinking, now can you!?" (A covert way to call someone a cunt).
by Anna's heim July 22, 2006
1. Labia
2. Female under the age of 40
3. Pete Townshend
That talentless cunt Townshend has a new gifriend and she's a slefish, shallow, brain-dead heartless cunt. Apparently, she's got a cunt like a bucket of water.
by hurley-music November 24, 2006
usually used as "see you next tuesday" which sux ass (1).
S.U.N.T. (although people DO use 'c' as 'see', which is acceptable)

It should be used as "Caring usual nineties type" for the one big benifit of you can use at any given time. (2)
S.U.N.T. (1): You: "Haha! see you next tuesday"
Me: "Where are you going?"
You: "Nowhere, I just called you a CUNT! LMAO!"
Me: "No you just said goodbye to me and didn't walk away... see? groundless!"

C.U.N.T. (2): You: "You're gay!"
Me: "Yeah but you're just a caring usual nineties type."
You: "Huh? I don't get it 'cos I'm an idiot and can't think outside the square."
Me: "I know, I know." VICTORY
by Blahson October 10, 2006
First name that Austin Peay State University, of Clarksville, TN persued--- Cumberland University of Northern Tennessee.
Couldn't you see the women's basketball uniforms with C.U.N.T. written across the front?
by Allen Hawkinson May 26, 2006
A term used for most women, meaning most (not all) women Can't Understand Normal Thinking. Because most women are crazy.
Guy 1: Jesus, My woman just blew a guy for no reason, even though I treat her like Royalty.

Guy 2: yeah, cause she's a CUNT.

Guy 1: What!?

Guy 2: you know; CUNT: Can't Understand Normal Thinking.
by Hesse73 June 25, 2010
An Old Wrinkly women that teaches sex ed....
Use a Condom Bitch! Said Mrs. Cunt
by PuddleJumper! January 02, 2010
Coins Under Notes Thanks
When handed your change in a badly staffed supermarket chain, the sour faced till staff drops a receipt, a fiver that looks like it has been up his/her arse and then drops the coins uncaringly on top so as you are stuck with a ball of money and the inability to seperate them as your other hand is pre-occupied with your shopping.
Just say:
"Coins Under Notes Thanks! That way I can keep the metal seperate from the paper just as most wallets allow.You fucking piece of tit shit"
That way you can call them a C.U.N.T. without them knowing! And then punch their fucking teeth out of their sad moon face
by Psykik Vandal December 14, 2007