Word can be used to describe a tough broad or a hardass. Not neccessarily a derogatory phrase.
She's a real cunt, I mean yeah she's a tough broad, she's ballsy, yeah she's a cunt.
by Christopher Marsh November 04, 2007
A very hot breeze. Mostly found in desert climates when it is already hot as Hell, literally. Originated in Phoenix. It is not a breeze, because there is nothing cool or refreshing involved.
Damn, it is really hot, and that cunt that keeps blowing is not helping.

I can't believe that strong cunt took my drive out of play.
by Quad Pod September 19, 2007
Anna is a cunt. Don't be a cunt. Cunt girl jiggles when she plays.
by Arizona Saxman March 06, 2007
This word is used to describe someone who lacks the basic understanding of the PC - a Computer User Non Technical.

User - I've been pressing the F1 key for weeks and no-one from support has come to help me.

Support Person - You're a CUNT!
by Graeme Henderson October 09, 2006
A word that is used to tell someone what they really are and what they always will be.
Girls named melanie, clare, alexis, miranda, pierra, chanelle, celest, shannelle, alexandria, katie, nakayla, maria, madublaoblangada, madusa, sanya, shaniqua, christine, nadia, crystal, and phillis.

Boys named david, christian, phillip, joseph, jeffry, geffry, clent, clarence, jesus, bradley, thomas, gary, gordon, keith, sean, dakota,and ian. People mainly who act like cunts.
by The Blue Smileys June 25, 2010
The definition of this word can often be debated...the truth is, men often use this word as a means of releasing frustration towards an ignorant female.... The letters truly stand for Can't Understand Normal Thinking....
The broad thinks she knows how to cook, but the cunt should stick to laundry and dishes....
by Bisson January 19, 2008
Cunt is like a pocket in your jeans that is full of jelly.
I stuck me wee-wee in her cunt.
by Michael Shane Carter MD March 14, 2007
that stands for:
I dont know why you waste your time trying to explain anything to that C.U.N.T. Its a waste of your time, they Cant Understand Normal Thinking.
by wikkdkitty January 25, 2009

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