Word can be used to describe a tough broad or a hardass. Not neccessarily a derogatory phrase.
She's a real cunt, I mean yeah she's a tough broad, she's ballsy, yeah she's a cunt.
by Christopher Marsh November 04, 2007
it's that small area of a woman's body that has been hit with a axe! or also known as the fanny! cunt it's internationally known out the land as a number of things. a womans fanny. the odd guy when u can't remember his name. or the wanker who cuts u up in the road.
man 1: did u see the game last night?

man 2: yeah what was that cunts name who missed that free kick?

man1: ~~~ yeah thats him what a cunt
by lenster 9161 June 16, 2009
When someone has a lack of vocabulary and thinks its hard to use foul language!
Linzi: "Cal you specky cunt"

This is followed Linzi getting a smacked bum off Netty!
by Questy111 January 09, 2009
(CUNT) C U Next Tuesday/Thursday! (CUNT)
by real bossfinn August 30, 2008
c u next tuesday...
what're all the people talking about cunt being a pussy? definitely an acronym bro
by ah ah ice ice August 30, 2008
CONFEDERATE UNION of NATIONAL TREATISE - First draft drawn up in 1964 in birmingham, england. third revision passed in 2004 in zurich. defines a common definition for the enterprise and common agricultural beleif that individually surounds europe today and tomorrow.
that c.u.n.t.`s taking the mick
by philll October 05, 2006
1. A word that refers to the genitalia of a female
2. A term used to express great frustration with a female
3. A canadian
Wow! Look at that cunt with a maple leaf on its backpack!
by lukeimcamp August 04, 2010
Is a term for a female who has a snatch, vagina, that just clamps on and eats your head, as this one female insect or creature who eats the actual head of the male after mating in nature, to where your sexual experience seems to have been dominated and ruined by this hidden gremlin face. It is always there and you know it but it comes back right when you thought you had it completely resigned and it pops out of nowhere at the last minute when you thought that even nothing insane would make such a vile predatorialy subtle expression. This term is referring specifically to the female genitalia. It really is referring to though a type of female genitalia that, is not dirty by unfortunate means like an infection or whatever unless the woman really deserves it because otherwise the woman is not deserving of the term cunt in my oppinion, is deformed from grimacing and vile behavior and it smells of twisted matter that was choked. It also has a blue and dark tint to it if the skin is fair enough because that is natural for those with dark skin and that is nowhere near funny. Also it can be a acne-color red. These type of women live in three dimensions like the rest of us, this is for the purpose of explaining of what I'm about to say, but they create another dimension, and sometimes another one within that and even others, because they can as women get away with a lot by looking at men as if they have an attribute to their personality that seems gay to them when they, the women, just feel they need a pick-me up. They typically don't care about interrupting or how they interrupt. That is the key... focus on how and when they interrupt and how they don't care. Because I know that sometimes we all don't care how we interrupt or if we do but observe how it occurs with certain women. Cunts typically are floating almost in mid air and it is because their steps are supplied with the necks of men. Also... please see Kate Gosselin and the Larry King interview. In the interview it was like the aliens in Independence Day when they open their heads or mouths; there's this other creature. And that is really how it is in everyday life. These women really take advantage of the fact that they feel they can intimidate men with claiming they have small attributes of seemingly gay qualities because they feel that they have the world, because men are basically in charge of the world, by the balls literally. Below is an example that is not a literary example.
This example happened to me in real life and this is not a fairy tale scenario. I went to a library.
Me: "Hi I was wondering"
ThreeTimesALady:"Ah-hmmm, okay"
Me:"What... are you alright?"
ThreeTimesALady:"Umm yeah I'm sorry go ahead"
(Just pointing out... she made it seem like nothing was happening because she felt it was necessary, in my oppinion, to keep the conversation, going, LOL and she was trying to make it seem like it was a natural occurence and that I was judging it but it was complete with mean gestures and everything before it and after so I know what she meant and she was clearly interrupting me and rushing me. The natural occurence being her cough but it really wasn't a cough because there was a clear hmm inbetween that was not apart of the cough. Also... she was making the "okay" seem like it was a part of the cough. I know people do this, as I do, when someone is smart or a good conversationalist as I am because you might be caught off guard but only bitchy people, men and women, do it really wrong. Because I understand when people do it wrong because they might be annoyed too because they feel intimidated and it's perfectly logical in my oppinion and I'm not the wordy type. A wordy person is not someone who just talks a lot or writes a lot but one who uses syllables to pronounce themselves in a way that is false.)
Me:"I was just wondering"
(This is where she began to nod her head fast and looking at me impatiently as I said the rest of the sentence. She was making facial gestures that she wanted me to see and thus this is the key. This is commonly an accepted gesture but it stood out so much because I was talking normally. I understand it is acceptable if a boss, as usual, or anybody is being emotionally needy with your face and inhaling too much oxygen in the conversation but it seems that only women can get away with doing it to a boss or person when they are just talking normally. And only the cunts do this.)
AssInTheFront:"Hi, excuse me but what are you doing parked here?"
Me:"Oh I'm just lost and I'm tryin to figure it out right now."
(After it has only been three minutes and the woman was in the front yard.)
AssInTheFront:"Oh, okay, well please find your way soon. Thanks. Okay?"
Me:"Absolutely, Mam."
Me to myself:"Wow, what a blue-twisted corrosive cunt."
by Eagle747 August 27, 2009

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