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Word can be used to describe a tough broad or a hardass. Not neccessarily a derogatory phrase.
She's a real cunt, I mean yeah she's a tough broad, she's ballsy, yeah she's a cunt.
by Christopher Marsh November 04, 2007
that stands for:
I dont know why you waste your time trying to explain anything to that C.U.N.T. Its a waste of your time, they Cant Understand Normal Thinking.
by wikkdkitty January 25, 2009
Acronym for:

Can't Understand Normal Thinking
That woman is a CUNT for trying to use the express lane wiht a cart full of groceries.
by Roln19s April 23, 2007
A person who is inconsiderate to others feelings but will do almost anything to be popular.
Louis Marinello

Mary: Louis was such a cunt at school today.

Me: He always is.
by Ermmm Mikey July 10, 2008
Spoken acronym using the first two letters phonetically as in "see" and "you" to complete the phrase "see-you-next-tuesday" thereby cleverly insinuating C-U-Next-Tuesday. Applied to situations where saying "cunt" plainly would be offensive.
Recently used in an episode of Family Guy, character Peter refers to a female character as "a real C-U-Next-Tuesday" (i.e. C.U.N.T.) thereby in fact calling her a "cunt" on national T.V.
by Heavy1974 October 09, 2006
Noun: One is to to degrade a bitch.

Noun: Two is refering to the chics pussy
Ex #1: Yo bitch shut the FU*K up. Stop being a cunt Jennifer

Ex #2: I neat the cunt up so bad, she cant walk for a week
by Enrique M. June 26, 2006
Cash Up No Tick (tick=credit) or cunt for short.
Cunt,slang term used by ilegal pharmaceutical sales men, to advise unwanted customers bad luck.
by cardrona71 January 16, 2010
Acronym for useless, stupid bitch of a woman: (C)an't (U)nderstand (N)ormal (T)hinking
In polite society, when a approaching a cunt, use the full acronym: I am dealing with a woman who can't understand normal thinking.
by Mr. JoeMC September 28, 2008