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Word can be used to describe a tough broad or a hardass. Not neccessarily a derogatory phrase.
She's a real cunt, I mean yeah she's a tough broad, she's ballsy, yeah she's a cunt.
by Christopher Marsh November 04, 2007
8 40
Cash Up No Tick (tick=credit) or cunt for short.
Cunt,slang term used by ilegal pharmaceutical sales men, to advise unwanted customers bad luck.
by cardrona71 January 16, 2010
1 19
Acronym for useless, stupid bitch of a woman: (C)an't (U)nderstand (N)ormal (T)hinking
In polite society, when a approaching a cunt, use the full acronym: I am dealing with a woman who can't understand normal thinking.
by Mr. JoeMC September 28, 2008
3 21
-A highly detested term for a womans vagina
-A vulgar name for someone like my mom.
-Something a father (or mother) calls a mother (or father) when in an argument.
-Something a child could learn about from said argument, and tell their friends about what the word means. This will influence the children to live lives of rebellion and distaste for anything wholesome.
"Whats cunt mean?"
"I guess it means something for someone like my mom."

"Your mom is such a cunt."
by Lauren=D August 11, 2007
14 33
An anacronym for someone who is lacking in the skills necessary to utilise the full functionality of the personal computer.
Computer User Non Technical
User - I've been pressing the F1 key for ages but no-one from support has come to help me.

Support person - You're a CUNT
by Graeme Henderson September 12, 2006
8 27
An anachronym that stands for:


It is more of a nicely worded sentence, rather than an insult, when you refer to a female in this context.
Man, that chick just can't understand normal thinking !What a CUNT !
by BigScotty September 07, 2006
86 105
Can't Understand Normal Thinking.
"How many times must I tell you - NEVER mix my white clothes with colored clothes! Now all my boxers, Tshirts, and socks, are what? PINK! What the hell is wrong with you?! You just Can't Understand Normal Thinking, now can you!?" (A covert way to call someone a cunt).
by Anna's heim July 22, 2006
96 115
1. Labia
2. Female under the age of 40
3. Pete Townshend
That talentless cunt Townshend has a new gifriend and she's a slefish, shallow, brain-dead heartless cunt. Apparently, she's got a cunt like a bucket of water.
by hurley-music November 24, 2006
12 32