Nigger is to blacks as cunt is to Women.

An epithet that was once synonymous with the word bitch until the word bitch became banal with overuse; thus creating a desensitization of the word in society.

Moreover, The word bitch was also adopted by women, and the meaning of the word altered as a defense to disarm the sexist power of the word. Hence turning the word bitch into something positive.

Therefore, The meaning of the word bitch changed from its original meaning being a "useless mean ignorant worthless woman" to an altered and more positive self-empowering meaning; i.e. a "liberated strong independent woman that is very expressive, and exercises her 1st amendment rights."

As a means to vie the desensitization and self-empowerment tactics used to disarm the power of bitch, men created the word cunt in response.

The word cunt is more harsh sounding due to it's K sound at the beginning of the word that is identical to the way the first first consonant in the word kill is pronounced. Because of this, the word has a harsh sounding tone, as well as a harsh meaning. This word currently is a stronger word than bitch to denote the original meaning of bitch.

However, the most powerful context to employ this word is in a context of initial sincerity and soundness followed by a series of condemnations, and to end with a pithy summary in the form of "You're a cunt!" or just simply "Cunt."

It may be necessary to modify the word, then again it can most powerful in singular use without modifiers. Too many modifiers can shift the meaning of the word, and too many modifiers of a similiar brand such as "fucking stupid cunt" will inspire comedy instead of its intended use.

Use cunt sparingly to avoid desensitization, and use it in grave and condemning contexts to avoid a loss of meaning of the word.

I appreciated what you did for people, for me, but now that I see it's all out of selfishness, I now know that you're a cunt.

That fucking cunt bit me!

Women are rude, petty, ignorant, and vain, every one of them are stupid fucking cunts.

Ted Bundy loves cunts.
by Mark Hoppis June 11, 2007
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Derogatory term for a woman. Considered by many to be the most offensive word in the English language.
My ex-girlfriend is a fucking cunt.
by Captain Fantastic February 15, 2003
A synonym for a woman's genitalia, vagina, pussy, etc.
She has the preetiest cunt :-)
I want to fuck her cunt
You fucking cunt!
I want to eat her cunt
The two women were fucking each other's cunt
by Gil October 05, 2002
1) A person so vile as to be without any redeeming feature.

2) A Vagina
As he smiled and assured the world that he "cared passionately for the people of Iraq" Tony Blair revealed himself as the personification of a fucking cunt.

As the doctor inspected the vibrator lodged inside Mrs Thatcher's vagina, he turned and said "The fuckin' fuckers fucked up that fuckin' cunt's cunt."
by seistan December 17, 2009
1) vulva/vagina
Almost certainly a proper technical term for the female organ(s) - consider the number of similar-sounding terms in both Latin and Germanic languages. Became a taboo word simply because it related to both sex and femininity - but many prefer it, finding that other everyday terms like "pussy" just don't have the right sound.

2) stupid/contemptible person of either gender
Only in America is this considered a specifically misogynistic insult. In Britain it is most likely to be heard amongst men quarelling.
(Message to board moderator who rejects my definitions:)
I may have a cunt, but don't presume I am one.
by su france September 03, 2005
Probably the best word in the english language. Can really shock people if used correctly
i smashed your nans cunt on her death bed
by Joe1234cunt July 15, 2008
The ORIGINAL english word for a vagina.
Stop being such a pussy... "cunt" is one of the oldest and strongest words in our language.
by blokechap August 22, 2008
One of the best parts of a girl's body.
The one thing most guys want to get to.
A reciever for the male penis.
A degrading name for a girl.
That girl's cunt is tighter than a vice grip.
Susie has got one fine cunt.
That girl Alice is a cunt.
by Forever1999 March 23, 2005
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