The female genitals. Once common parlance, the term has been considered impolite since the end of the 14th Century. Not recommended for use in front of the mother-in-law. Also extremely derogotive
"You know, i always hated your mum, she was a right Cunt" As quoted from the Duke of Edinburgh to Her Royal Highness, Queen Elizebeth II in "Queenies Tales"
by garthy July 08, 2006
the most offensive name in the English language used to describe a certain girl that is a rude,crude,foul mouthed,offensive bitch.
"Wow,Jacqui is such a cunt,she told me i look like a man."
by All of Chicago February 03, 2006
1.slang for vagina. of the most insulting words in the english language.
1.she's got one tasty cunt.
2. girl 1: you fucking cunt
girl 2: im gona fucking kill you ::punch::
by suburban scum June 04, 2005
acronym for - Can Undertake Numerous Tasks - people who are overloaded with work and say yes to more may wear this banne
Joe Bloggs. CUNT
by Joe Bloggs C.U.N.T June 30, 2009
n. A dumb bitch. Can be used more discretely in an alliteration such as the one below:

Stupid skank didn't even swallow. So I took her by the pigtails, looked her in the eye and said "C U Next Tuesday!" Then I threw her back on the streets where that ho belong. Fuckin cunts, man.
by PussyPancake March 31, 2009
A very hot breeze. Mostly found in desert climates when it is already hot as Hell, literally. Originated in Phoenix. It is not a breeze, because there is nothing cool or refreshing involved.
Damn, it is really hot, and that cunt that keeps blowing is not helping.

I can't believe that strong cunt took my drive out of play.
by Quad Pod September 19, 2007
Anna is a cunt. Don't be a cunt. Cunt girl jiggles when she plays.
by Arizona Saxman March 06, 2007
This word is used to describe someone who lacks the basic understanding of the PC - a Computer User Non Technical.

User - I've been pressing the F1 key for weeks and no-one from support has come to help me.

Support Person - You're a CUNT!
by Graeme Henderson October 09, 2006

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