The female genitals. Once common parlance, the term has been considered impolite since the end of the 14th Century. Not recommended for use in front of the mother-in-law. Also extremely derogotive
"You know, i always hated your mum, she was a right Cunt" As quoted from the Duke of Edinburgh to Her Royal Highness, Queen Elizebeth II in "Queenies Tales"
by garthy July 08, 2006
This term is also an acronymn which by definition is the proclomation used to describe women as this body part because at this point the woman is only good for having sex because she is dumb. Can't Understand Normal Thinking
what a dumb C.U.N.T.!!!
by HRM SMK April 01, 2008
1. slang for 'vagina'
2. insult, considered one of the most offensive words in the english language
3. british punk band
yeah, i hit that cunt last night. i hit it real good.

my ex-girlfriend is such a cunt.

my favourite band is the cunts.
by Lauren Juneman March 01, 2008
ellie the elephant.
prettier and prettier every day
"If you looked up the word cunt, it'd show a picture of her face"
by amandamarieeee January 17, 2008
In addition to the more well-known definitions, cunt actually traces its roots back to the Victorian era insane asylums in the UK where CUNT was an anacronism for a woman who doesn't understand established rule of thought by society:'t

If you think about the usage today, it's mostly appropriate. Almost exlusively applied to women (more freely used towards men as well in the UK and OZ) under extraordinary circumstances when a man can't understand or thinks a woman is stupid, therefore, a cunt.
She was going on and on about I don't know what... what a cunt!
by KhakiMan August 06, 2007
The one which may be known as the holly bush, the cunt is the fruit which is dispersed as such, if eaten you may get a stomach ache.
That Holly cunt gave me belly ache.
by DirtyKel June 15, 2007
A way to say C-U-Next-Tuesday
Guy: ok cunt

Girl: wtf did you just call me?

Guy: no it means "C-U-Next-Tuesday!"

Girl: lol okay cunt
by piece'o'shit'honda March 21, 2007
1. a very offensive word means vaggy, pussy, female's sex organ, etc.

2. an abbreviation of C u Near there
1. wowwwwwww her cunt hole so wet, depnlar likewise whore's cunt

2. ohhh yeahhhh ooohhh spread your sperm on there babe. CuNt!!!!
by madame CuNt February 20, 2007

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