The female genitals. Once common parlance, the term has been considered impolite since the end of the 14th Century. Not recommended for use in front of the mother-in-law. Also extremely derogotive
"You know, i always hated your mum, she was a right Cunt" As quoted from the Duke of Edinburgh to Her Royal Highness, Queen Elizebeth II in "Queenies Tales"
by garthy July 08, 2006
Cambridge United Noise Terrroists (C.U.N.T) is the collective term for all the sound systems in cambridge.
A: was the rave good at the weekend?
B: Fucking awesome- C.U.N.T. were hot and it rained so they got a bit wet too.
by robat October 05, 2006
1. noun. A females vagina.
2. noun. A harsh way to describe an abrasive person, generally a woman or cross dresser depending on which social circles you participate in.
3. noun. An unpleasing situation.

Some women get upset at the use of this word, but that's just probably because they're a filthy cunt.
1. "She probably has some sand in her cunt."
2. "That girl is a total fucking cunt."
3. "Shit, you don't have any weed? That's a cunt isn't it?"
by Cera and Andrew May 29, 2006
as an acronym; Can't Understand Normal Thinking
Anal Cunt is a sweet band
by Harry Ballsagna November 07, 2005
A word used between male bro's in New Zealand. Usually a friendly term, but can be often used in a derogatory sense before a fight, after a fight, or just saying it if you wish to look hard. The australians have also adopted the word 'cunt' but cannot use it to the full effect as they are dickheads. Only New Zealanders can say 'cunt', as many other countries find it deeply offensive because they are also, dickheads (even if they did say 'cunt' they would sound like dickheads)
The most common word in the NZ Dicktionary
NZ bro1: Broo... I fucked your mum last night haha
NZ bro2: Fuck you CUNT!! haha

NZ bro1: Aey, fuck you cunt il knock you out
NZ bro2: Fuck up cunt il stab you

Aussie gay1: Hey cunt, keen for a hack?
kangaroo: Yeah cunt hardout...
by NZ Samoan May 31, 2010
'Tom Hayes is a cunt'
by Roogie92 June 19, 2009
1) A term used to tell one of your friends their being lame.
2) The most hateful word towards a girl in the English language. (Use with caution.)
3) The best dish God ever served up!
1) Guy says: "Dude, stop acting so cunty".
2) Guy says to his ex-girlfriend: "Your such a cunt!"
3) Pussay!
by Sonofacraker March 17, 2009
A word to describe anything. If you work in the automotive trade especially, cunt can be used to describe anything ranging from a co-worker to a family picnic.
Tony fell over and went cunt up.
by PhantomSpaceman December 30, 2008

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