The female genitals. Once common parlance, the term has been considered impolite since the end of the 14th Century. Not recommended for use in front of the mother-in-law. Also extremely derogotive
"You know, i always hated your mum, she was a right Cunt" As quoted from the Duke of Edinburgh to Her Royal Highness, Queen Elizebeth II in "Queenies Tales"
by garthy July 08, 2006
Can't Understand Normal Thinking
"That cunt don't understand what im sayin!"
by natalie and jamil December 19, 2007
Cant Understand Normal Thinking
Sheryl is a cunt.................................
by Charisma kink November 24, 2007
Hillary Fucking Clinton
Hillary Clinton is a huge cunt.
by Topher Smith November 13, 2007
the greatest word in the english none.
BUT! doesnt describe female genitalia particularly sounds hard...CUNT!........still a wonderful word..
use it to offend..''You Cunt!'' be considerate..''aww look at that poor cunt''.... to compliment.. ''ur such a beautiful cunt'' express hate..''i hate the cunt'' express love...''i love u u cunt''..for no reason...''well i was walking-Cunt-down the road ''
by jackimo07 September 02, 2007
Cunt is known for a person who stays in there room day in day out only to got out to buy tesco's larger and waste his life.

A person who has no social life and just cause hes from the south he thinks hes gotta act like a hard man even thought he is a fat shit who plays video games. :)
Dot Matrix..

Man that dot fella is a right Cunt staying in every week drinking his tesco shit
by Geroge Kittens March 18, 2007
what not to say to your girlfriend in public
After our date, my girlfriend took a baseball bat to my new Mercedes and lit my million dollar house on fire after I called her a cunt!
by JER Reed December 04, 2006
Cambridge United Noise Terrroists (C.U.N.T) is the collective term for all the sound systems in cambridge.
A: was the rave good at the weekend?
B: Fucking awesome- C.U.N.T. were hot and it rained so they got a bit wet too.
by robat October 05, 2006

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