slang for the female genitailia, an insult, believed by many prudes to be one of the most insulting and rudist words in the english language
i've love to lick your cunt
you are such a cunt
by simon February 19, 2005
A word that is used to tell someone what they really are and what they always will be.
Girls named melanie, clare, alexis, miranda, pierra, chanelle, celest, shannelle, alexandria, katie, nakayla, maria, madublaoblangada, madusa, sanya, shaniqua, christine, nadia, crystal, and phillis.

Boys named david, christian, phillip, joseph, jeffry, geffry, clent, clarence, jesus, bradley, thomas, gary, gordon, keith, sean, dakota,and ian. People mainly who act like cunts.
by The Blue Smileys June 25, 2010
The definition of this word can often be debated...the truth is, men often use this word as a means of releasing frustration towards an ignorant female.... The letters truly stand for Can't Understand Normal Thinking....
The broad thinks she knows how to cook, but the cunt should stick to laundry and dishes....
by Bisson January 19, 2008
Cunt is like a pocket in your jeans that is full of jelly.
I stuck me wee-wee in her cunt.
by Michael Shane Carter MD March 14, 2007
that stands for:
I dont know why you waste your time trying to explain anything to that C.U.N.T. Its a waste of your time, they Cant Understand Normal Thinking.
by wikkdkitty January 25, 2009
Acronym for:

Can't Understand Normal Thinking
That woman is a CUNT for trying to use the express lane wiht a cart full of groceries.
by Roln19s April 23, 2007
A person who is inconsiderate to others feelings but will do almost anything to be popular.
Louis Marinello

Mary: Louis was such a cunt at school today.

Me: He always is.
by Ermmm Mikey July 10, 2008
Spoken acronym using the first two letters phonetically as in "see" and "you" to complete the phrase "see-you-next-tuesday" thereby cleverly insinuating C-U-Next-Tuesday. Applied to situations where saying "cunt" plainly would be offensive.
Recently used in an episode of Family Guy, character Peter refers to a female character as "a real C-U-Next-Tuesday" (i.e. C.U.N.T.) thereby in fact calling her a "cunt" on national T.V.
by Heavy1974 October 09, 2006

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