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A. When a women's labia is overly stretched to the point that it produces a whistling sound.

B. A person who renegs on an agreement;A Person who fails to honor their commitments
A.That cuntwhistle is sure loud on a windy day.
B. That cuntwhistle just cancelled the order.
by xlr8lexus April 10, 2009
( kuhnt hwis-uhl ) noun, the sudden release of air from the vagina, resulting in a high-pitched poof similar to that produced in a poorly blown whistle.
After quickly pulling out, Jeremy was surprised by Annabelle's cunt whistle.
by rone_na0 January 08, 2007
British: A derogatory term for someone who has done you wrong
That cuntwhistle at the bank won't give me a mortgage
by Don Ed May 29, 2006
Some ony who's voice sounds like someone is useing a vag to talk with
Nathan sounds like a Cunt Whistle
by thatguywiththebeer September 16, 2008
A word to be said in pleasant company, down at the Hot Fingers Club.
"It was on the tip of my tongue."
by Edward Fog April 27, 2004

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