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A phrase used to express anger and frustration.

Also describes a guy who enjoys rough sex.
Fuck, I can't find my keys, "Cunt Smasher!"

Man, that guy is such a cunt smasher. He even has it tattooed across his chest.
by the_lovely_little_tooth_fairy November 16, 2010
18 7
1. A well endowed man that enioys rigorous sex and smashes up the cunt of most women he sleeps with.
2. A guy who has a preference for sleeping with virgins and smashing their cunts in.
That cuntsmasher made her bleed real bad.
by Ciaran Murray May 31, 2007
12 8
Any Glass object such as an ashtray, pint glass or cocktail pitcher used to strike somebody, usually in a public house.
"Well officer, he took a swing at me so i smacked him in the face with my cunt smasher"

"Get your lazy ass back to work, dont make me come in there with a cunt smasher"
by pringles978 February 05, 2008
6 27