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To take up more than one parking space by deliberately or half-assedly parking over one or more parking spot dividing lines.

Often done by swaggering rednecks and narcissistic soccer moms in oversized trucks, and by post-middle-age Hair Club for Men micropenis douchebags in expensive sports cars.
Well, I guess I've gotta park way the fuck out in the nosebleed spaces, because this asshole here's enjoying some damn fine cuntparking in these spaces closest to the store.
by Ragecage February 16, 2014
3 0
When the local shopping centre carpark is absolutely packed you and cut in front of someone who was waiting with their indicator on for a spot longer than you.
It's to busy at Christmas, I'm always cunt parking people.

That dude totally cunt parked me, I was indicating that spot was mine for 5 fucking minutes!!!!
by Sizzlord November 27, 2007
7 8