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noun. An unattractive woman with an unpleasant personality. A woman void of attractive characteristics.
My boss looks like an overweight troll doll that has been in the dryer with a dead dog for several days and she openly hates gay people. She is a cunt monster.
by Madame Mame March 07, 2011
Fucking the pussy aggressively!
That cunt monster sure beat it up last night!
by daddymattie March 01, 2009
someone who pounds a chick's pussy without any show of mercy
"Larry is such a fucking cunt monster!!"
by Chase Manley June 10, 2006
Fucking the pussy aggressively!
The way Daddy Mattie hits it you could call that nigga' a cunt monster!
by 6daddymattie9 November 16, 2008