noun. An unattractive woman with an unpleasant personality. A woman void of attractive characteristics.
My boss looks like an overweight troll doll that has been in the dryer with a dead dog for several days and she openly hates gay people. She is a cunt monster.
by Madame Mame March 07, 2011
Top Definition
Fucking the pussy aggressively!
That cunt monster sure beat it up last night!
by daddymattie March 01, 2009
Fucking the pussy aggressively!
The way Daddy Mattie hits it you could call that nigga' a cunt monster!
by 6daddymattie9 November 16, 2008
someone who pounds a chick's pussy without any show of mercy
"Larry is such a fucking cunt monster!!"
by Chase Manley June 10, 2006
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