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A liquid that drips or sprays from a wet pussy, especially when a woman is sexually aroused.
by Anonymous March 19, 2003
Besides the normal definition, slang term in the auto parts business for battery acid. See andy granatelli belly jelly
In the 60s, you had to add your own cunt juice to brand new batteries
by andy1 June 02, 2005
also known as 'mingejuice' or 'lady lube', is the mucas from the vagina which lubricates copulation


a mix of alcoholic beverages which gets you drunk or 'cunted'
i told her to sniff my fingers and they only had fucking cuntjuice on them


mix up some of that cuntjuice you cunt i'm going to get cunted tonight
by Nobes July 11, 2006
A delicious drink mixture of Mr.Pibb Xtra, Vault, and Hi-C Fruit Punch. A popular drink among Regal empolyees and Crown club members. Tastes like Robitussin.
Man its my breaktime. Think I'll make myself some cunt juice.
by coletreezy July 18, 2009
Pussy beer, cheerleader beer, most commonly referred to as any mikes hard lemonade product. And/or any good tasting liquor, mostly drank by women.
"Man, you should down a jag bomb with me"
"nah, I think I want a mikes hard lemonade."
" why in the hell would you want some CUNT JUICE?"
by destructionofyou August 05, 2010
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