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The roll of fat some chicks have just below the navel.
Whoa. Check out that hideous CG.
by merkin July 13, 2003
the pouch that a woman has just above her vagina.
look at that fat slut over there she has her cunt guts hanging out!!! lol
by motogplover August 27, 2009
A most severe repremand. A person who is not well liked or popular, A very bad person. A person you may dislike strongly. Well beyond a mere cunt. Oddly, in Australia somtimes a passing ,meaningless quipp to a close friend.Similar to cuntface,cuntfeaturescuntfucker
"Now listen here cuntguts. I got here first right ?"

"ahhhhhhhhhhhh..... cuntguts !!!!!!!! I just dropped a pallet on my toe."

"Clearly stephen was a cuntguts of the very highest order"
by DMAN111 January 04, 2007
N: Similar to Camel-Toe camel toe
pronounced or protruding labia major.
"Crikey Laura, get that Lycra Pant suit off, everyone can see you Cunt-Gut"
by Big Tones the knowledgeable November 16, 2003
Where a woman who has had a C-Section for child birthand the scar line heals but the big fat cow gets fatter and fatter forming a cunt shape on her stomache. Very gross.
She has a big cunt gut under her shirt
by killer4u99 September 08, 2005