When one has narrow-set eyes. May imply a racial reference to those of Asian descent, or simply to those who are evil, back stabbers, scheming or deceitful. Term was coined by the masterful John Waters during the making of the movie Pink Flamingoes in 1970s.
man 1: "Hey, that bitch gave me the cunt eyes"
man 2: "Well what are you gonna do about it?"
man 1: "I'll stick my dick into them next time"
by TheBehotch June 24, 2006
Top Definition
or vagina eyes, referring to double eyelids of white people's eyes.

the flaps of a vagina or labia majora and labia minora resemble double eyelids. no vagina is monolided or has one lid/flap, so cunt eyes or vagina eyes are for double eyelids. the way labia majora and labia minora connects to the clit of a vagina looks like the inner part of white people's eyes, towards their nose bridge region or center of their face.

even if after vaginal rejuvenation, there are still both labia majora and labia minora. that makes vagina eyes or cunt eyes a description of double eyelids. whoever made cunt eyes term describing asians or monolids has never seen a vagina. they need to get their eyes checked. ironic isn't it. stupid white people can't even insult right; cunt eyes are for double eyelids, just like the vagina with labia majora and labia minora.
"whoever thinks cunt eyes refers to Asians or monolids is too dumb to exist, or a loser fat cunt who can't fuck, or too blind to see and needs to get their eyes checked (ironic), or a fat cunt who is too fat or obeast to see her own cunt, and can't tell the difference that double layers or flaps of vagina are like double eyelids, not single monolid."
by Cunt has double lids you moron October 04, 2012
A derrogatory term, implying a person suffers from the less common affliction of having female reproductive organs for eyes.
The unwashed: "Have you got a dollar for the bus?"
The washed: "Fuck off, cunteyes."
by Aerofucker August 03, 2009
more frequently occuring in individuals whose faces have sustained substantial damage from the epynomous effects of fetal alcohol syndrome, and/or those of mongoloid lineage, this physical trait is seen on a daily basis by nearly everyone on Earth; strangely enough no one has medically defined this deformality of the eye and a cure has yet to be found.
asians can't help their hideous features or their inherent inability to drive, operate machinery, or conduct major motor functions other than tae kwan do: they've simply been contaged with cunt eye.
by drizzake August 06, 2007
a special species of cunt; very rare but often sighted in pace island. the P.I.G.S.'s hoes.
Allen: Cease, cunteye!
Michelle&kelly: Shutup P.I.G.
by picklesworth123 August 11, 2009
a person who is such a cunt that their eyes are replaced by cunts
james is king cunteyes
by vandeleur-boorer September 29, 2003
A medical condition, where the eyelids are joined at every corner, appearing instead of eyes but a cunt...

also a derogatry term some use. people who seem to stare without regard for the person being stared at..

"oh my god look at those ugly ass cunteyes"

"hey cunteyes what are you looking at?"

by jahsin April 09, 2006
Someone who has a cunt for an eye. Typically, someone who is a cunt, and you can't think off anything else to add to it to make it more effective and spicy.
Oh, fuck off, Cunteye.

You sure are a cunteye.

You are a cuntarm.. no.. that doesn't sound right. Cunt leg? No. Cunteye! You stupid cunteye.
by Peter Simmons September 21, 2005
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