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Used to describe a person with slanted eyes (east Asians).
Go back to your on country you cunt eyed gook!
by PCone November 14, 2009
(anachronism, orig spelled Cundai but pronounced Cunt eye) prop n. Formerly a Korean automobile manufacturer whose name was surreptitiously changed to "Hundai" following American marketing consultants' recommendations to the then auto maker's board of directors that this name in America had phonetically potentially socially embarrassing implications . circa 1990

cunt eyed (slang-derogatory)-adj- descriptive of or about low quality after market vehicular accoutrements ironically whose sole intent is to deceive others into thinking that some how against reason a four banger rice burner might tacitly be able to blow your doors off! This word is increasingly being heard on the fringe of previously thought to be impenetrable Anglo communities who are now suffering the throes of ethnic creep from poorly educated Asians of low stature and high emotional volatility.
A Triton V-8 packed white Ford F150 XLT yawned as a cunt eyed late model Prelude overflowing with shaved-headed Asian male teenagers languished up to the red light.
by Dusty Blue May 22, 2008
To be so incredibly stoned that your eyes get really pinkish red and get very slitty and closed up so that with your eyelashes all around the edges, it looks like you've got two cunts on your face; hence the term "cunt-eyed"
Oh man you should have seen me last weekend. I got totally fucken cunteyed!
by becy September 13, 2005
Derogatory term for anything. Refreshing change to the use of 'fucking' replacing every adjective.
Brian was so fat he couldn't get his fat arse on the cunt eyed bus
by zerogg November 23, 2006
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