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A penis that is so large it physically crushes a girls "cunt". Easily mistaken for clit crusher.
My dick is so big it crushed that bitches cunt, a.k.a. i'm a cunt crusher!
by cuntcrusher November 14, 2009
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Huge dick and good looks, gets all the ladies soaking wet and keeps them up all night. They are responsible for more wet panties then anyone else. There Dick must be at least 8 inches long and thick.
Wow look at that cunt crusher go!
My roommate Max is a total cunt crusher! I heard his bitch screaming through the walls last night.
I need a cunt crusher to stretch me out soooo bad! My boyfriend said I'm so tight it hurts his micropenis.
by xxxcuntcrusher69xxx July 09, 2015
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