When you bake a cake in the shape of a semi circle and cut out part of the middle, fill it with icing and put a tube of icing in a shape of a ripple like thingy so it looks like a ravashed bagina. put black licorish (no fucking clue how to spell it) and arrange over cake like pubes. Put cherries and cherrie juice in the opening and have a white buldge in the middle for the enourmous clit. Have sexless friend throw face first into cake to eat it out.
Happy birthday little virgin billy. we got you some hot dank vag for your birthday with some poontang on the side. Eat up unless you like da cock.... fag.... I sure love my cunt cake! YAYYYYY CUNT CAKE! The best cunt i ever had... and the only one you will ever have little billy! queer...
by haywood jublomi January 23, 2007
Top Definition
On heavier girls, it is the protruding roll of fat just above the vagina. Also known as a "gunt".
You can really see your mom's cunt cakes in those stretch pants.
by Kevin Hohl November 13, 2006
The act of being a major cunt followed by the word cake just to make the word cunt seem mildly good.
person 1: "you're koolaid taste terrible"

Me: "fuck you to cuntcake"
by TaylorMcdreamy April 26, 2011
The delicious treat, Cunt-Cake. Add several scoops of whipped cream and other sweet confections in the groin area of a female. Then count how many licks it takes to get to the center of the cake and into the cave (Abyss), please tell me the answer on how many licks it takes to get to the center of a cuntcake. *Lame music here*
That cuntcake was a filling late night treet, but I still had room in my tummy to slide my tounge into the cave, and eventually my wang.
by Raven April 28, 2004
derogatory variable of "sweet bitch"
That desperate housewife bitch is such a freekin' Cuntcake, I could slap her.
by Joey60 October 16, 2009
n.compound word comprised of two nicknames: cunt and cupcake.
ALSO coocake: n. compound word comprised of two nicknames: coochie and cupcake
Jessica, I'll always be your cuntcake.
by A friend of Gir April 24, 2003
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