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1. A boyfriend who takes up all of your friend's time, making it impossible for the two you to hang out.

2. Another guy who steals your girlfriend.
1. Susan and I used to hang out every weekend but that cunt burglar, Phil is taking all her time.

2. friend: Hey, Phil where's Susan?
phil: Gary got her.
friend: Argh that cunt burglar!

by fivesixace May 26, 2008
A guy who steals his women from either their husbands or boyfriends.
He is such a cunt burglar, hes sleeping with that dudes wife.
by thepun October 06, 2010
A male that sleeps with a women after snatching her from a social situation to her own bedroom... the male proceeds to leave the females humble abode for a victory escape home while she remains in a sexually satisfied sleep.

1. The male has had to perform cunnilingus for more then ten minutes with the female.
2. The male has had to have sex with the female after cunnilingus and completely satisfied her sexual need for the evening.

If you ______ then you are not a cunt burglar.
1. are a female
2. are a pre-mature ejaculator
3. wake up the female while trying to leave
4. exchange phone numbers (at any given time)
5. repeat desired victim(s)
Bro Man: Dude, where where you last night, man? You totally missed Chappelle Show Marathon?

His Bro: Awwh, dude., I was a total cunt burglar, whoa wee!
by Jamal Crableux September 10, 2009
someone who gains unauthorized access to a womans vagina with intent to rape her.
there is a cunt burglar on the loose in London
by youngbish March 21, 2011
One who Cock blocks or Cunt Burgles someone else out of an opportunity to get laid
Dude 1:whatcha say we go back to my place

Chick 1:Sure... (Enter Dude 2)

Dude 2: (puts arm around girl) Wats up dude

(later that day)

Dude 1:WTF dude you were a total Cunt Burglar earlier today.
by #^Satan^# May 05, 2010
The theft of a poor womans 'cunt' can be rather painful but most often very pleasurable. In the words of Steve 'Its not rape its just surprise sex'
oh dear god my cunt just got burgled lol who was that cunt burglar how dare they invade my vaginal area without my consent! pfft silly boy!
by fatmat1210 April 16, 2007
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