Top Definition
A dumb hoe
"Natalie stop being a cunt blast"
by will305 June 07, 2009
The sudden and seemingly uncontrolled infiltration of snatch, into a club or popular venue. Depending on the venue, this can either be an enticing or equally negative incident as, for example, straight cunt typically has an obsession with infiltrating gay bars and aggravating the cock-seeking male population.
Dude, I went to the gay bar last night and while checking out this hot dude across the bar, like 20 drunk bitches came nattering through the door, in one big cuntblast, from a bridal shower and fucked up my game. To make things worse, three of them came over to me and tried to feel me up and asked if I wanted to buy them drinks! Fuck no!
by Masta Z August 19, 2013
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