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Messing around in a stupid fashion in the West of Ireland can be called cunt acting. Wasting ones time on a job that's too hard for to them like fitting a window without having a concept of what the job entails. Or messing around when there's a serious job to be done. Finally when your Gaelic football coach is unhappy with the teams performance and screams from the sidelines in anger and despair for the team to stp the cunt acting
Example1 John: Where's Tommy?
Sean: Trying to fix car.
John: He hasn't a fucking clue what he's at he's only cunt acting

Example2 Person 1:Give me a hand with this will you?
Person 2: We'll be there in a minute we're trying to sell fireworks to these kids.
Person 1: Aww Lads!! Stop the fuck acting will you?! We have to be finished here by 12

Example 3 Coach:Jesus lads we're 14 points down stop the fuck acting for shite's sake
by Smoky D November 15, 2006
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