Something so amazing that it makes your penis produce sperm without ever going erect.
That movie was cumtastic!
by ...And Then I Stabbed Him August 14, 2009
Top Definition
when something is so amazing that u cum.
franki: that was incredible
joe: i just cummed my pants
franki: that was friggin cumtastic
by samuel adams January 27, 2005
so amazingly overwhelming, that it is orgasmic.
Oh my god this is soooooo cumtastic!!!!!!
by ME!! February 22, 2005
So immensely fantastic & sexy, it will make you cum.
This new movie is just cumtastic!
by Camradal November 30, 2003
it is when you feel orgasmic and fantastic at the same time. it a like a burst of happiness and cumingness.
i feel cumtastic when i see ashleys tities.
it makes me wanna burst out a huge orgasm and shoot skeet flames all over her
by ballslsls July 19, 2008
a description of something that will make you cum easily. usually a person or a random object (only used with sarcasm). It comes from the word fantastic.
this girls booty is cumtastic!
by fewofhewoghfwiei May 20, 2011
Where you watch a good hentai video over and over. Cumming so much that your balls/pussy hurts to where it's gotten everywhere and you try to cum again but all that happens is muscle and hurts like HELL!
Oh my god! Ohmygodohohohmygodohmygod!!!! Agh! It's in the cats eye! On the ceiling! In microwave! Agh in my eye! Agh I can't do it no more! aaaaaaghghagahgahag!!!!!!! I don't have any napkins!!!! I'll have to use my mouth! The horror! It's cumtastic!!
by Tubba bubba May 16, 2011
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