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A person who sells their body for money
Cumsters are usually found by streetcorners
by Playah8er November 12, 2009
whore, slut, fan of the creampie, prostitute.
oh her, she's a cumster.
by lowbudget September 10, 2004
Combination of Cum and Dumpster. A person (usually a woman) that uses her body for men to unload millions of potential children.
Dude, Lisa is a real Cumster. She always shows up on circle jerk night.
by Hexx5150 November 23, 2009
a Stupid bitch who is semi-hot(ugly face, beautifal ass) who you love to hate but at the same time you want to hit it.
Guy: did you see tanya
Guy2: Yeah.
Guy:would you hit it?
Guy2: yeah dude, i put a bag over the cumsters head and tapped that tight pussy!
Guy: NIce
by bonerboy69inmyface March 08, 2009
the fastest swimming spermatozoon; the first bastard to reach the ovum when you least expect it.
We need money to get cumster to college
by Tox April 02, 2004