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the term used to describe a girlfriend or boyfriend who was used mainly for sex.
Well now that they broke up, shes just a cumstain. Maybe I should hook up with her next, then ditch her after Ive finished.
by falconpunchdude March 20, 2011
0 3
A stain left on a surface after sex, usually clothing or bed sheets.
Amanda had a big cum stain after her gangbang.
by cardinal_fan October 12, 2004
164 21
Although often referred to as a side effect of blowing one's load, this is also an acceptable term for someone who is stupid, lame, a douche bag, or simply a raging tool whom you feel utter disdain for.
Hey, cumstain, why the hell did you eat my sandwich?
by B-Mac! May 08, 2007
67 25
a complete waste of human flesh or a moron
my boss is such a cum stain
by odie0811 April 17, 2006
103 63
Whats left on your boxers after you download pron.
I woke up the next morning and the sheets were stuck to my cumstains!!!1
by big joe April 26, 2003
60 22
stain on your keyboard after you look at porn. Hard to clean without strong paint thinne or varnish.
by Mike West March 18, 2003
68 42
A stain left on a surface after sex, usually clothing or bed sheets.
Evans mom rubbed her pussy all over a dirty motel room bed and got pregnant from a cum stain on the bed.
by wouldntyouliketoknow;) January 11, 2011
39 16
1.n) a stain resulting from the presence of cum 2. adj) something that has a negative referance
1. I got a cumstain on my shoe!
2. You are such a cumstain!
by Jack B. Nimble December 16, 2002
29 15