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A nutritional beverage consisting of the ejaculatory fluid of anywhere from one to a number of men. Commonly used by athletes (especially bikers) as a protein/energy drink.
Will was riding his bike when he had the urge for a wholesome beverage. He reached for his cumshake and in a long slurp he downed the whole thing. He drank it so fast it was running down the side of his face.
by D T October 14, 2004
when you make a milk shake for a kid you dont like and jiz in it while making it. so the kid will be unaware he is drinking your kids
i made that fag a cum shake and he said it was the best thing he ever tasted.

Frank said he loved the milkshake you made for him. That was not a milkshake that loser had a cum shake
by Franklin nut face February 18, 2009
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