Top Definition
the combination of the word cum and terrific
both are extrenely amazing
often can be used to describe a hot person or how you feel
can lead to orgasm
person 1: hey wtf piece of shit show are you watching?
Person 2: hannah montana, she is so far from
cumrific its sad

HEY!! tht chick ovr there is sooo cumrific! i just jizzed my pants
cum terrific jizztastic
by Cumrific Inventor January 08, 2010

1. extraordinarily great or intense sexual skill.
2. extremely good; wonderful orgasm.
1. She gives cumrific head.
2. He gave me multiple orgasms. It was cumrific!
by AnotherUser October 29, 2009
Something so good its orgasmic
The blowjob was cumrific, so miguel jizzed everywhere, leaving betsy soksed in his love juice.
by Aphish January 03, 2010

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