To blow your load while doing squats
"man today at the gym i cumquatted everywhere!!!"
by thankmelater January 20, 2013
Top Definition
a very dingy women who will ask stupid questions like "why am i so stupid" an "if you fuck me in the ass will i get pregnant"
"dude your girl is such a cumquat"
by half breed July 26, 2005
What David Essex is.
"That David Essex is a foppish cumquat."
by Elwood Reuben October 07, 2003
the female fruit
I stuck my finger in her cumquat and it was nice and juicy
by sj January 12, 2004
any of several trees or shrubs of the genus Fortunella
bearing small orange-colored edible fruits with thick
sweet-flavored skin and sour pulp
A cumquat is a plant that grows in Africa
by Pool Of Corruption November 23, 2004
dickhead,dumbass,basically an ignorant person
Stop being a cumquat.
by *Jess* February 28, 2005
4 lesbian girl's cumming at the same time during a orgy.
(While having orgy)

Girl 1: Let's have a cumquat!

Girl 2: Sure.

Girl 3: Okay.

Girl 4: Whatever.
by PacificRecon March 13, 2008
Your cumquats r huge!
by pendluk April 10, 2009

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