Quickly and cheaply taking advantage of a quadraplegic person resulting in them being covered in cum.
generally people who cant get any the normal way manage to score this way.
"they are defenceless, so what!"

Damn, did you see that cum quad over there!
by zieg May 09, 2005
Top Definition
more like lint licker..biscut eatn bulldog..a jerk..somebody that being an ass..can be childish and suffer from pettiness. can be jerkish and rude. the prefix Cum does not relate as being sexual.
you a cumquad for that statement u made!!
by KELLY-YO August 05, 2009
A person in which has passed the boundary of a total douche bag; a Quadruple cum-bag.
Jake: Wow Chad is such a damn Cum-Quad!

Jesse: I'll say!
by ThatOneGuyInTheStreet October 21, 2012
a very large amout of cum that covers for people!
Last night I was doing this chick so hard that had a "Cum Quad" all over her.
by dcbburdman February 02, 2011
Pronunciation: "Come-kwad"
Function: noun

1. "Cum" or ejaculation that typically gets lodged in the back of your throat after giving fellatio
2. A ball of sperm that has been exposed to air
Antonio, after you finish sucking that dick, you should rinse that cumquad out before u choak. Oh, and by the way, take that penis off of your head.
by IotaSchizo December 23, 2007
When you ejaculate and it goes all over your leg.
She was riding me hard and when i was about to go she jumped off and i gave my self a cumquad
by original docking station November 22, 2010
when someone pulls the skin of a dick all the way down nd sucks da cum
yo dis nasty hoe gave me a fucking cumquad. dat shit hurt like fuck.
by crackerjack100 June 26, 2009
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