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To explode from ingesting massive quanities of cum.
As coined in Rooster Teeth's RvB Mafia Game.


The circus had come to town, and the mafia don, Megafire headed there to hide among the clowns, carnies, and donkeys. He thought maybe if he hid here he could hitch a ride out of town with the circus when it was over tonight. But what he didn’t know was that the star of the show had a grudge against him and as we all know by now, this was no ordinary circus.

Megafire made his way to the elephant cages hoping to hide amongst the large beasts, but as soon as he stepped into one of the cages things began to go downhill for the mafia don. The elephants surrounded him and blocked him from the cage door and it was only then that he realized his mistake, this was the breeding pen for all the male bull elephants, and the beasts knew it was sexy time and mega was their playmate. Mega gasped when he saw the elephant’s penises that surrounded him in the cage, and he knew what must do, and he began to pleasure the elephants 2 at a time, the elephants roared in approval, they knew this wasn’t the first time this person had played with giant animal dongs, and each now was looking forward to their turn. As mega hurried to finish this and gtfo the first elephant exploded into his face with enough force to knock him off his feet, and just as he was getting back up and beginning to wipe his face the second elephant exploded on him knocking his head between the bars of the elephant cage, at seeing this the elephants went wild at their good fortune and promptly ripped off mega’s pants and tighty whiteys. One moved up and stuck his you know what into mega’s you know where and went to town ripping up his ass like there was no tomorrow, then who walked in, no other than spam man and he smiled a wicked smile only spam man could pull off , and began to unzip his pants and make his way to megas head. Mega screamed but it fell on dead ears as spam man gaged mega and rammed his monsterous dong in megas mouth, and his meat exploded and came out the back of megas head killing him and covering the elephants in spam man goo

(I’m soo going to hell for writing this!)

by SekaiO8 July 12, 2009
A short-hand version for, "shooting your load." It literally means, exploding with cum. Cumplode!!
Joe: Hey man, what's up?
Bill: My dick.
Joe: Nice.
Bill: Let's cumplode!
Joe: Hott!
by mellamojd May 20, 2009
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