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an upset stomach as a result of a lot of jizz in your crap factory.
I must of blown 50 wads down her throat, so I gave her the day off after she complained of a cummy tummy.
by OnE LoVe August 09, 2003
The result of any instance where more than 1 load is consumed in a night.
Kim came over and took it twice. Next day she complained to her boyfriend of "cummy tummy".
by FACIE PIE June 24, 2005
when your belly is completly filled with semen
amy camires has a cummy tummy, its so full of creamy cum
by amy camire August 15, 2003
The sensation that arises after the male member has released a substantial amount of seamen in through the trachea all the way into the "tummy" causing naseau and diareah throughout the female's existence.
As my girlfriend finished giving me oral sex and finishing inside her tonsels, she said that there was a sudden sensation as if she ate an entire bag of gummy bears. She was obviously suffering from a case of "cummy tummy".
by MichFace June 29, 2005
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