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Deriving from the formulation of two words: 'Cum' and 'Lord'.
Meaning: The Boss/Master of a semen/sperm mixture or a 'Twat'.
Normally used as an insult when the user is either intoxicated or on the losing side of an insult battle. The use of such a word is ill-advised as people will come to the conclusion that you are retarded. see Fucktard
Mother, you cumlord, where is my fucking tea?
by Margaret Thatcher February 27, 2004
8 6
Refers to an individual who has an unnatural or unhealthy obsession with all things cum. Used in a derogatory way, often towards people having multiple unprotected sex partners.
"Ugh you are being such a Cumlord!"

"She screws everyone that she meets, she is a huge Cumlord."
by Master Bates Alot December 09, 2009
8 3