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After having sex with protection, swinging your condom David and Goliath style into your partner's face.
Guy: Ahhhhh.... (Or Horse Whinny)
Girl: That was Amazing!...Uhh... what are you doing with th... *Splash*
Guy: LoL
Girl: Oww Wtf was that for?!?!?!
Guy: What It was Just a cumikaze!
by TehGbon April 28, 2011
When you have wild, destructive sex with someone you don't give two fucks about.
Stan: Dude, Joe's shit is getting out of hand man.
Rick: What happened??
Stan: Joe has been hooking up with some "questionable" people lately.
Rick: Oh yeah, he's becoming a Cumikaze.
Stan: A Cum-ah-what???
Rick: A Cumikaze, he obviously doesn't give a fuck about the women he sleeps with, he has become a Cumikaze sex addict.
by Cumdik August 27, 2014
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