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When you are getting head from your friend's totally hot relative while he is sleeping not 6 inches away and you nut in his hair and style his hair into a mohawk.
To justify this:
1. your friend must have made a cold bastard comment earlier that night
2. Your friend must have a mohawk as his preferred hair style of choice (adding to the overall comedic value)
3. His cousin/sister/aunt/mom must be totally hot and have a good sense of humor
Earlier in that night Kanye called I.S. a limp wristed pussy, so later that night Kanye's hot cousin gave I.S. head and subsequently a cumhawk. It was totally awesome and Kanye didn't know shit in the morning
by darkspleen February 25, 2008
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If your method of birth control is to pull out, it's likely that you've gotten your own sexy juices all over your belly. A Cumhawk is when you use those juices as gel to spike up some belly hair into a mohawk-type motif.
She wouldn't let me cum inside of her so afterwards I amused myself by molding a nice, perfect cumhawk.
by Bubba Sticky November 06, 2007

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