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After a man ejaculates, he subsequently places a large amount of semen on the tip of his penis and proceeds to wipe it across the forehead of his partner. This may be accompanied by the man, eyes closed in a meditative state, verbalizing the word "simbaaaaa".
(n) Last night, David performed a cumfasa after he came. It made me orgasm immediately.

(v) Dude, my roommate ran out of the bathroom and cumfasa'd the drunk asshole passed out on the couch.
by ciaobellaxoxo June 07, 2011
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art of making faces while cumming,whether they are funny,serious (trying to look cool in front of the girl),or trade mark(sticking your tounge out every time or some shit),they all look ridiculous,hillarious and we all love doing them.
one eye flickering,tounge out,grinning ear to ear while cross-eyed whatever.
by Furioso October 22, 2004

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