Dry semen left on a countertop after masturbation.
My roommate is a bastard. He left cumcrete on the bathroom counter by the toilet. I thought it was toothpaste until a tried to wipe it up with a wet cloth and almost puked from the smell.
by Dr. Robstew December 19, 2012
Top Definition
After ejaculating, semen is left inside the urethra. After some time, this seminal fluid hardens causing disturbed urinary patterns.
I was aiming for the toilet but due to an excess of cumcrete I urinated all over my pants.
by Jackstain October 08, 2009
Dried semen and or man spackle
His cumcrete merged one part of the blanket to the other.
by Fibonaccispiralman March 03, 2016
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