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The act of a male, usually one who is effected to a varying degree by some sort of cranial related fetish, ejaculating into an item worn on the head (baseball cap, beanie, helmet, head dress, etc.) and then placing it on either his own or another's head. It can also be used as a form of getting back at a real Richard (dick).
Brandon: "I love given' my girl the ol' cum cap"

John (allergic to peanuts): "Dude I think you have sum kinda' cranial fetish or sumthigngg...(mumbles off)"

Brandon: "Shut up faggot, go eat some peanut butter!"
by sKeletor(relentless112) December 16, 2008
The little bit of cum that is pushed out when pissing after serious ejaculation.
Bro I think I got a chick pregnant with my cum-cap
by headstomper98 July 04, 2010
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