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the act of a man ejaculating in one womans mouth and then right after, the women who's mouth possesses the cum drains the sperm out of her mouth into another womans mouth.
I came in her mouth then she cumswapped it into her friends mouth
by bigdick dan July 05, 2007
One female transfers a man's ejaculated semen to another's mouth. Usually done during a manage a trois.
Julie cum swapped into Christie's mouth.
by ploppppy November 15, 2007
The act of 2 or more people exchanging their cum with each other. The mouth is almost always involved.

Regardless of gender, regardless of who's cum it is, & regardless of how many people are involved in the cum swap. If the previous conditions are met it is considered a cum-swap.

When the mouth is the sole, or nearly so, source of the exchange it is known as cum kissing. A very similar concept.
Last night after I came in my girlfriend's pussy I immediately ate the cream pie. Her & I then cum-swapped until finally she swallowed it.
by ...and yet another person November 14, 2013
1. The transfer of a man's semen from one mouth to another.

2. When two men swallow each other's semen.

3. A group of men who ejaculate at the same time.
Dude me and my roommate did a cum swap last night, he drank every last drop!
by neverwishagain1111 June 08, 2013
Fucking or hooking up with a guy after your friend fucked him or hooked up with him without him being signed off
Bro, Wanda totarry cumswapped Lyle from Cara!
by bellaaaaaxxx August 13, 2009