A derogatory phrase used to berate or otherwise castigate another male as to make him feel inferior to other males or to put him in his place. This phrase almost always alludes to the other male as belonging to a different sexual orientation (ie homosexual). This phrase is usually uttered in a heated conversation.
Listen you F**king Cum Stain. Why don't you go suck another couple hundred cocks before you try to run off at the mouth to me. Do you know who I am?
by JayWhiz July 15, 2009
A cum stain is when you get seamen on your cloths and stains a white mark on it.
Jake: Whats that on your T-shirt martin.

Martin Gasps!

Martin: Nothing :|

Jake: thats a cum stain ! HAHA :P
by John Ferdinand Hawks May 01, 2011
1.n) a stain resulting from the presence of cum 2. adj) something that has a negative referance
1. I got a cumstain on my shoe!
2. You are such a cumstain!
by Jack B. Nimble December 16, 2002
1. General insult

2. Literally a stain made by cum, cum being the product of coming or having came, comed or cummed.
You're a cumstain on the bedlinen of society.
by dbviwuhbv October 04, 2010
wen he/she cums on u sumwhere and it wont come off and starts to go crusty
by lisa mcbirdseye February 03, 2003
the term used to describe a girlfriend or boyfriend who was used mainly for sex.
Well now that they broke up, shes just a cumstain. Maybe I should hook up with her next, then ditch her after Ive finished.
by falconpunchdude March 20, 2011
white crusty leftovers on her face after male ejaculation.
i nutted on her face and left a cum stain.
by nathan rook March 19, 2003
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