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the telltale sign of a previous ejaculate. usually more noticeable on dark fabric especially napped fabric such as velvet, velour, or corduroy.

On lighter colored fabrics, the use of an ultraviolet light will help a cum spot come to light, so to speak.
Dick, did you leave a cum spot on your sister's bedspread?


Harry, I just got my prom dress back from the dry cleaners and you can still see the cum spots you left when you gave me the pearl necklace in the teachers' lounge.
by Cecil Megaphigitz October 30, 2009
A word used to accurately describe Barrack Obama, or any other member of the liberal wing of the Democratic Party
Barrack Obama thinks he is the chosen one, but actually he is simply a cumspot on the bedsheets of American history
by Social Commentator May 13, 2009
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