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an actual sock of any material or color that is used by a guy to shoot hot cum into when jacking off. the sock is placed over the hard dick and is worn during the entire act of jacking off as to collect cum and clean the dick when done.
I gave my boyfriend a cum sock to wear on his dick while I watch him jack off.
by veronica_lickthepink July 09, 2007
A 'special' sock that is used for 'mopping up' following a 'five knuckle shuffle'. Such footwear have the unusual characteristics of being able to stand upright after repeated use.

Used extensivley by males aged 11 upwards.
Time to go to the launderette: my cum socks aren't mopping up anymore.
by The Cap'n June 03, 2004
A man's sock, usually of the athletic variety, used to catch and collect semen. Boys normally use cumsocks to clean up after ejaculation. Also used...a cumrag. Cumsocks are generally easier to hide as crusty remnants can be easily mistaken for any other substance. Usually used to hide masturbatory behaviors from moms who do the laundry.
I couldn't find my cumsock, so I ejaculated on my chest and cleaned it up with an old t-shirt instead.
by guyonvacation September 14, 2008
literally refering to one who is used to collect cum before being thrown in the corner or discarded in another unrepectical manner...
My ex is a cum sock.
by Dave Locain May 17, 2005
A sock that is used by the armed forces when traveling in close proximites in order to catch ejaculate while primin the pump in thier bed
by Joe Resse February 06, 2003
when a guy cums into a girls sock(s) and she puts them on
dude last night she wore cum socks
by death their May 19, 2014
when a guy cums into his girlfriends sock(s) and she puts them back on
dude she totally wore cum socks last night
by death their May 19, 2014
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