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a guy who throws his cum around
That Jake is a real cum slinger; he was with Janet on Thursday night, then Nancii on Friday, and now Saturday night he's off humping someone's wife while the husband is working nightshift
by Jake March 05, 2004
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Slingshot like object used to fire cum at someone else or to commit suicide. Most of the time another person is present and a game is played similar to that of dodgeball. Most people don't like the "cumslinger patrol" because of the people they bring to justice involving cumslingers. Cumslingers have been illegal in the United States since they have been known to cause instant death to horses and/or small rabbits.
Dude, this one time, I saw a ghost and he shot me with a cumslinger.
by weedsniffer69 January 16, 2008
A slingshot like object used to cattapault sperm that has recently been ejaculated. Most times a woman is present and some sort of game is played similar to the rules of dodgeball. Most people don't like the "cumslinger patrol" which is a group determined to find everyone who has used a cumslinger since they have been illegal in the United States for over 20 years.
Dude, the cumslinger patrol almost caught me the other day, so i shot him a lot.
by weedsniffer69 January 16, 2008
A promiscuous gay man or one who is caught in a masturbatory act of public lewdness
A. Did you see Bob at the office?
Yeah he was hitting on some dude
Wow, I would not want anything to do with that cumslinger with all the guys he's been with

B. An unnamed man was caught masturbating in a public theater. The police have taken the cumslinger into custody.
by James's Wood March 05, 2008
micheal green is a cum slinger on other boy's
"oh micheal u cumslinger'd all over me last night"
by grant30/01/92 February 11, 2008
Daniel Woo
My friend Daniel is a CUM SLINGER!
by Anonymous September 08, 2003

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