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A person who annoys the people around him because he or she constantly wants to know about other people's sex lives.
Joe is such a cumrag.
by John Durker August 16, 2003
A cum rag is a towl or rag used to wipe "semen" or "jizz" off a certain area. Usually used during oral sex when semen is ejected into the eye socket or on the breasts, making it a "jizzy tit." Using this rag will make God hate you and he will make your babies retarded and look like the 19th child the Dugar family popped out. Like, Jesus Christ, sew her puss together. Anyways, yeah. Cum rags give you rashes, STDs, and a one way ticket to hell.
"Oh Harold! You got your stupid Jew sperm in my effin' eye! Damn! Get the damn cum rag!"

"Hey porch monkeys, get those damn cum rags off your head!"

"Hey Trish, get the cum rag, I came prematurely."
Trish "Goddamn, lower the damn Viagra, you stupid Hebrew. On the new shag carpet? SHIT EAT SOME HAM."
by Trish_The_Hebrew May 08, 2010