When, after anal sex, you pull out your cock, and some dark-stained cum dribbles out as the ass slams shut. Also can happen with an after-butt-fucking fart..
Damn! You should see the cum poo that flew out of Ginger after that royal ass-fucking I gave her.
by Johnny Cumm May 25, 2005
When a man releases his pent up manjuice all over a female's head and forcing her to rub it in like in the herbal essence commercials... thus calling it, "cumpoo" its always good to spooge, rinse, and repeat.
Marla is a dirty whore who washes her hair with cumpoo and masturbates to Barry Manalow while drinking warm Zima.
by SniperWolf March 16, 2004
The anglicized spelling of the Asian culinary term "Kung Pao." It is exactly what is sounds like it is. Asian restaurateurs feed it to their black and white customers in America. See also Kung pao.
Oh, you like Cum Poo chicken or shrimp?
by PAW Daddy April 12, 2008
A lubricant created by taking a moist dump and covering it in cum. Thats what they used on the runway in the 2006 Corelle dishware commercial to make the model take her spill.

alternative spelling: KUMPU
1: "Watch out for that cum poo on the floor there. You might slip and hurt yourself."

2: "Quick, make some cum poo, so it wont hurt so much when you slip it in my ass!"
by His Holiness, Pope Pickledick October 27, 2006
cum poo is were you scrach ur balls and ass and then rub it on some ones face in a martial art fassion
cum poo variation of the poo tash
by razer edge October 10, 2006
A derogatory name I use on people, mainly Daniel and David.
Cum poo, I'm going to go have sex on your couch now.
by Stiggy May 02, 2004

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