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When a person is surrounded by 4 or more men spinning in a circle while the men cum on the person.
During the shoot Lily was asked to spin around between 4 men while they ejaculated on her. The director described to her that she was involved in a "cum hurricane".
by Lily Daniels January 26, 2008

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(n) to ejaculate into a large industrial fan, or to cum outside in a windstorm in an effort to plaster the shit out of an unlucky individual
1. While working out in the garage in the sweltering heat, Joe decided to unleash a cum hurricane by blowing a load into the industrial fan which flung cum at at near category 3 speeds into his co-workers.

2. Noticing that it was a windy day, Joe decided to go outside and make a cum hurricane, but sadly as he was blowing his load, the wind shifted and he became plastered in his own man milk.
by the mizz October 02, 2006